Meet Our Team

We are proud of our team of Portland wedding coordinators and planners. Fairytales Event Design was started in 2016 by Kelsey, our lead planner. We are an inclusive wedding production team, offering planning, design, coordination and staffing.

Our goal has always been, and will always be, to produce fairy tale events that make your dreams come true!

Meet the Team

Portland wedding coordinator and planner, Kelsey. A woman with blonde hair and blue shirt, leaning against a weathered wood wall.

Kelsey – Owner & Lead Planner

Kelsey is our business minded visionary with a passion for weddings, love and pretty white dresses. She is a Portland State Business School graduate, a San Diego native and a wife and mother. When she isn’t busy planning weddings, she can be found working in the orchard or garden, surrounded by chickens, at Knutson Family Farm.

A Note from Kelsey: I started Fairytales with the hope and idea that every couple deserves to have a stress free wedding day! I have loved weddings since I was a little girl. I collected BRIDE magazines throughout high school and I even wrote a paper about being an event planner in middle school. I love order and organization which I use to create stress free events. I’m the kind of person that organizes my clothes by color and my spices alphabetically. I love lists and get immense satisfaction from checking things off of that list. I never want you to feel like you’re trapped in the box of tradition and love offering unique options and ideas. I look forward to working with you and can’t wait to hear about your dream event!

Portland wedding coordinator, Kristina. A woman wearing a pink sweater and leaning against a weathered wood wall.

Kristina – Lead Coordinator

Kristina is our amazing lead coordinator who has been with Fairytales since 2019. She had her start in running corporate events, but her passion is in the wedding industry. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her family and her two dogs. 
A Note from Kristina: I love working with a couple to help make their day as beautiful as they’ve imagined. My goal is to take all the stress off of the couple so they can enjoy their day without worry!

A picture of one of our coordinators, Brittany.

Brittany – Coordinator

Brittany is a passionate and creative wedding coordinator whose love for adventure and the great outdoors is only matched by her dedication to creating unforgettable wedding experiences. Born and raised in the PNW Brittany developed an early appreciation for the beauty that surrounds life’s most precious moments. In her spare time you’ll find her navigating the rivers on her kayak or exploring scenic trails with her dog Ziggy.
A Note from Brittany: For me, kayaking and hiking aren’t just hobbies; they are a source of inspiration. I believe that, like a river winding its way through nature, love should flow naturally, and like a challenging hike, marriage may have its ups and downs, but the journey is what makes it truly special.

a headshot of Ellie, one of our coordinators

Ellie – Assistant Coordinator

Ellie is a recent college graduate from George Fox University and Oregon transplant.  Her desire to enter the wedding industry stems from her stage management and design training in Theater.  She loves blessing couples through wedding coordinating and working hard to create a day just as beautiful as you.  Alongside weddings, Ellie enjoys storytelling, drinking tea, and walking in the refreshing PNW scenery.
A Note from Brittany:  No two weddings are the same, and I love that!  Weddings are so unique and reflect the love, joy, and journey of each couple.  As your coordinator, I will handle all the details before, during, and after so you can freely experience all the fun, beautiful, and sacred moments on your wedding day.

Interested in joining our team? Apply to be a coordinator, planner or assistant in the Portland, Oregon area.